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Delphi Chromium Embedded CEF3: inspect element
The TChromium object does not expose the "inspect element" item in the context menu but it is possible to select dom elements using the magnifying glass in the developer tool. Feel free to post a comment if you know how to expose the "inspect element" item in the context menu.

Categories : Delphi

Array doubles in size if a struct defines both its uint16_t words and uint8_t bytes
Instead of an array of 2 bytes, use a structure of 2 bytes: // Two bytes in a 16-bit word typedef struct{ uint8_t lsb; // As uint8_t, LSB uint8_t msb; // As uint8_t. MSB } two_bytes_t; typedef union { uint16_t u16; // As uint16_t two_bytes_t u8x2; // As 2 each of uint8_t } my_array_t; my_array_t my_array[1]; // 1 word array, for testing my_array[0].u8x2.msb = 1;

Categories : C

"too many declarations of 'SUBSTR' match this call" while refreshing Materialized view
If Oracle doesn't let you run so many times "substr" function in that mv - do some trick to cheat him ;) You can make this "substr" calls before fast refresh by using virtual column like that: alter table YOUR_TABLE add History_substr as (DBMS_LOB.SUBSTR (History,2000, 1)) virtual; do here other "3 more blob columns with similar conversions" as above and then you can use your virtual columns:

Categories : Oracle

Accessing another user calendar using the O365 REST API from a single domain admin account
Thanks for your question! Today, the Office 365 Calendar REST APIs only allow retrieving or updating calendar of the authenticated user. We are really close to adding support for a service account that is granted access by an admin to all users in the tenant, and can retrieve and update calendars of users in the tenant without the user being present. So, your scenario should be unblocked in a f

Categories : C#

Does Akka have a built-in solution to collect answers from a Broadcast router?
The answer kind of depends on what you mean by "collecting" the answers. If you need to aggregate them (which it sounds like you do), that would eventually need to happen in one actor. This means that your 1 million answers will all queue up on the single actor and it will become a hotspot. If you can tolerate slightly slower reads, another possibility is to have multiple counter actors, which a

Categories : Java

ClassNotFoundError ArrayList
Run the program by specifying fully classified name. It works! java arrayList.ArrayListStrings With out specifying package name, if you run it, it will throw NoClassDefFoundError.

Categories : Java

Excel Pastespecial VBA
There's nothing on the clipboard when you specify a destination, so you have to separate the steps: Public Sub CommandButton1_Click() Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("A2:D349").Copy Worksheets("Sheet6").Range("A2").PasteSpecial xlPasteAll Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("A2:D349").PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteFormats End Sub

Categories : Excel

How to get an object from the webgrid.
Instead of using @RenderPage try UserSearchDisplayModel user = grid.Rows[grid.SelectedIndex].Value; @Html.Partial("_AdminUserDetails", user) Works for me.

Categories : C#

Angular auto trigger specific directive in ng-repeat
You could pass the $index (exists automatically in the ng-repeat scope) - variable into the directive and cause it to broadcast an event unique for ($index + 1) which is the $index for the next instance. The event could be broadcasted from the $rootScope or a closer scope that's above the repeat. Then you could capture the event in there. Probably not the best way to do it. I can try to elaborat

Categories : Javascript

python quiz, picking a random query from a list
Is something like this what you're looking for? It repeats the set of questions until the amount of right answers is >= 5. However, the way you've written it, it repeatedly asks the same question until you get it right. Is this what you intended? import random def questionchal(questionText, answer): if input(questionText + ' ') == answer: return True def gamelist(): game = input

Categories : Python

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